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Jagdeo On Irfaan Ali’s Election: I Had One Vote

At his press conference yesterday, PPP GS – Bharrat Jagdeo, continued the drumbeat of what he says is the Coalition’s behaving as if nothing happened on the 21st of December.

Four days before Christmas, Charandass Persaud, a government parliamentarian and more specifically a member of the AFC, sided with the Opposition in a no-confidence motion that has placed the Granger administration in a constitutional limbo.

However, before Jagdeo went into his chiding of the Government, he digressed to congratulate President Granger on his re-election as the Coalition’s’ presidential candidate

Jagdeo then went on to express his doubts that this weekend’s election of their AFC’s Prime Ministerial candidate will be objective.

Jagdeo said that the process will be reduced to a mere charade. C2 HLN asked the former President if it is unreasonable for a leader to prefer a candidate, given that there were rumours that he preferred Irfaan Ali, the newly elected PPP Presidential candidate. The opposition leader said that he only had one vote and he publicly supported Ali, after, but not before, the voting.

Jagdeo noted repeatedly that he will not be letting up on his call for elections on or before the March 19th deadline.

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