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Jagdeo Urgently Waiting On President Granger For Meeting

President David Granger seems to be very deliberate in his inevitable meeting with the leader of the opposition. Up to press time and more than a week after the CCJ encouraged that the two men meet, President Granger has not yet invited Jagdeo to any conference.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo has repeatedly stated that he is willing to meet at any time and as often as possible, to discuss the current political situation and arrangements for a new GECOM Chairman.
Jagdeo said that his party will not be returning to parliament and that any meeting with President Granger must include early elections.
At his press conference yesterday, Jagdeo hinted that if the President does not find favour with any of the 18 names of potential GECOM Chairperson that he has already submitted, his new list will include folks from the diaspora.

Jagdeo seems concerned that the president is not addressing either of the current matters, with sufficient urgency.
The opposition leader said that Attorney General Basil Williams lied to the Caribbean Court of Justice about the delay in the meeting with him and the President. Jagdeo said “That was a lie. The whole country knows that the President indicated he wished to meet after the consequential orders. So the AG misled the court,”
Jagdeo said he has no problem discussing these matters with the president so as to arrive at an agreement

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