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Jamaican Woman Allegedly Stabs Common-law Husband to Death.

A woman allegedly stabbed to death her common-law husband in Woodlands, Manchester on Thursday morning.

The deceased has been identified as a 38-year-old farmer, Oneil Coleman.

Police report that about 7 am, Coleman and his common-law wife were involved in a dispute at home when Coleman was stabbed in the neck after allegedly beating his partner with a machete. He died on the spot.

The woman is now in custody.

Both the deceased and the accused had made reports about each other in the past for varying reasons, according to the police.

Watch the video below showing the scene in Woodlands on Thursday morning as residents in the rural community gathered some metres away from the cordoned-off crime scene where Coleman was killed.

It was just the latest fatal domestic violence case in the country.

Last weekend, Woman Constable Melissa Edwards-White was chopped to death, allegedly by her husband at the couple’s Farmbrook Avenue home in Patrick City.

Earlier last week in Rosemount, St James, 45-year-old gas station supervisor, Diane Smith; and her 16- year-old daughter, Jayshenel Gordon were stabbed to death by Smith’s common-law husband, Fabian Lyewsang, who committed suicide after by driving his motorcar into the Rio Cobre.

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