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Jerry Gouveia: H2H Registration Not Need


Jerry Gouveia says that Guyana does not need any H2H registration….Wendell Jeffrey rep

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Tuesday, 23 July 2019

There is a push to halt and discontinue the House 2 house registration process in GUYANA all together. The argument is that the process is not only illegal and will disenfranchise thousands of voters, but that Guyana does not need it.
This argument is being made by Chairman of the Private Sector Commission Jerry Gouveia.
Gouveia’s name was twice submitted by opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo, to President David Granger, as a possible Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission.
Today Gouveia told C2 HLN from Canada, that in 1980, Guyana spent billions of dollars to put the National Register of Registrants (NRR) system in place. That system collects bio-data from all Guyanese over the age of 14 years. He said that this is one of the most sophisticated systems in Guyana.

Gouveia said that before 20-06 all that happened was that the voter’s names and pictures were collected. But after 20-08 every person in on NRR list was fingerprinted, all ten figures.

The businessman said that the aspect of continuing registration was also added, and that exercise is undertaken two or three times every year

Gouveia said that what normally happens just before elections, is that a preliminary list of electors or PLE is extracted from the NRR list

It is from that PLE list that the Official List of Electors or OLE is compiled and that list is only valid for six months.
Gouviea is adamant that it is that last OLE list that was used for the last local government elections, that has expired in April and not the NRR list.
The Private Sector Commission and the PPP are calming that the H2HR will likely disenfranchise thousands of local and overseas voters.
The Coalition Government has made the claim that the NRR list is bloated by some 200,000 ineligible names and that the just commenced H2HR is designed to vet the list.
An initial attempt by Christopher Ram, in the high court to halt the H2HR was earlier today struck down by Chief Justice Roxanne George-Wiltcher.

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