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Singer and songwriter Alabama is currently fearing for his life. He says that after he was assaulted for posting on social media a less than flattering video of a GPL subcontractor, the police have been slow to take action. Esther Sobers followed up with the artiste and filed this report...

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Thursday, 4 October 2018

After being threatened, assaulted, and stabbed multiple times by a broken bottle, singer and songwriter Clifford “Alabama” Charles has yet to receive justice. Charles claims that a subcontractor of Guyana Power and Light, Quincy Campbell ordered someone to attack him after he made a public post on social media which embarrassed Campbell. Though Campbell confirmed that his car was used by the suspect to carry out the assault; the police at the East Rumiveldt Police Station did not charge Campbell nor sought to apprehend the alleged suspect.

Charles is accusing Corporal Benjamin of having an unprofessional manner in which he’s handling the case.

Not feeling satisfied with the manner in which Corporal Benjamin was handling his case, Charles reportedly voiced his concerns to the police complaint authority.

Charles further claims that several police from the East Ruimveldt police station have signalled their concerns about the corporal who they accused of corrupt practices.

Contact was made to the East Ruimveldt Police Station pertaining to the matter and we were told that they are not allowed to divulge information about the ongoing investigation.

Additionally whilst Charles noted that GPL has been professional when dealing with the matter, the other company has not done as such. Charles said that the GPL subcontractor in question is actually an employee from Noel’s Electrical and Engineering company. The company has not made contact with Charles. In fact, after this newscast mentioned the name of the company and other information regarding the incident. The same company threatened to take legal action against Headline News.
The duty of the police is to protect and serve. But despite having the police on his case; Charles is fearful that if justice is not served his life may be in danger.

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