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The King has been dethroned,. On Wednesday Royston King was given a letter terminating of his services as Town Clerk of Georgetown. According to reports the Chairman of the Local Government Commission, Mortimer Mingo noted that termination letter was given due to numerous allegations levied against the embattled town clerk. King who had been sent on administrative leave last September to facilitate an investigation into his management. of City Hall. On his last appearance in front of the Commission of Inquiry to answer to the charges, had requested more time defending himself against the allegations.
However after a week and King hasn’t been able to respond the charges king was further was summed for a meeting with Members of the LGC in which he continued to refused to answer questions of mismanagement had his services terminated, this decision will continue to have, Sharon Harry-Munroe acting as town clerk.

The C.O.I. held public hearings from September 24 to November 2, 2018, and a report was submitted on November 30, with 31 recommendations which included disciplinary actions against King.

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