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Patty Murray left and Sen. Barbara Boxer. It has to be my story. A long-time activist in the fight to protect Native women, Parker had just visited the office of Sen. I felt injured," says Parker, who is an enrolled member of the Tulalip Tribes in Washington State and a tribal vice chair as of last March.

Parker says that she couldn't believe that the many letters from Native women that she had forwarded to Murray weren't enough. The letters were "filled with the most horrific stories I had ever heard," explains Parker. It was in the hallway outside of Murray's office that Parker had a revelation: She realized that she had to set aside her fear and become "the face" and the voice for the issue of Native women and rape.

It was not an easy decision. Parker says that only the knowledge that more Native women would suffer and die could compel her to tell her story — actually three stories — that she had never told publicly before. Within minutes, Parker explained her revelation to Murray, prompting the senator to exclaim, "You're it!

You're it! Parker was told that she was the first tribal leader to testify at such a gathering. She told how she was first raped in the s as a toddler by a man who was never convicted. The next story was of witnessing the rape of her aunt by four Ladies seeking sex Parker South Dakota who had followed her home to attack her. One in Three Native Women Experience Sexual Violence The House, however, later removed the Senate version's expansion of tribal courts' power to prosecute non-Natives suspected of sexually assaulting Indian women.

The two houses are now seeking a compromise. On the country's Indian reservations, more than one in three Native women have experienced rape or attempted rape, according to the Justice Department. The murder rate for Native women is 10 times the national average. And nowhere is more dangerous than the isolated tribal communities of Alaska, where the rate of sexual violence is 12 times the national average. While the figure is under dispute, the Justice Department also maintains that 86 percent of rapes of Indian women are committed by non-Indians.

Sixty-five Percent of Reported Rapes are not Prosecuted Data for show that the federal government, which has jurisdiction over the most serious crimes in Indian country, did not pursue rape charges 65 percent of the time and rejected 61 percent of child sexual abuse cases. Reasons cited in news reports include inadequate staff power, evidence that is misplaced or destroyed, and lack of cooperation between federal and tribal law enforcement. In addition, the Indian Health Service has few hospitals that treat rape cases, and those facilities that do deal with rape suffer from a dearth of trained personnel to gather evidence.

Other factors include family breakdown, alcohol and drug abuse, and issues of "blood" that cast confusion on who is an Indian and who is not, affecting enforcement and jurisdiction. In truth, most rapes are not reported at all, because of the dismal track record for prosecutions as well as victims' fear that they will be ostracized by family and tribal members. Says Parker, "No one wants tell on their uncle, their father, their cousin.

Deer believes that the biggest contributor to sexual violence and lack of prosecution is not on media's list of legal and social factors.

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It has become normalized…There is a system in Indian country where rapists can rape with impunity. Rape comes from a sinister perspective on women. Under federal Indian policy, Native children in the s through the early s were removed from their families and sent to boarding schools where they were subjected to overcrowding, disease, overwork and painful punishments for speaking their own language. Both federal facilities and missionary schools were in operation. In addition, sexual assault by priests and nuns on their unprotected, captive students left deep scars. Since victims of sexual assault who don't get help can become perpetrators themselves, that pain is still being played out today, she explains.

Interviews with Native women across America support Deer's assertion that rape has become "normalized" on reservations. The women overwhelmingly reported that few, if any, close female friends and relatives have escaped sexual violence.

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Parker says, "There are so many beautiful young Native women" who have been sexually assaulted. They seem to be without hope. There is a wound where the women activists, teachers, nurses, doctors and tribal chairs should be. Parker says that this loss of women's power is felt in both matrilineal tribes, like the Tulalip, and in patrilineal tribes.

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And the unwillingness of victims to talk about their experiences has resulted in daughters who are afraid and don't know why. On a broader level, Deer asserts, a combination of remedies is needed. She also supports "the empowerment of Native women in their own communities" and the allocation of "funding and other resources that allow Native women to tackle the issue on their own terms.

It will be deed by women survivors of sexual assault who have the support of their communities. Three new indictments for human trafficking have been handed down in South Dakota in the last three months, Johnson said. The operations Ladies seeking sex Parker South Dakota formed mainly in populated areas, but American Indian girls are particularly at risk, the prosecutors said. Some of them were recruited by a Sioux Falls-area man who was convicted last year of sex trafficking of. Brandon Thompson, 28, of Tea, S. A recent sex trafficking case in North Dakota involved several victims from the Fort Berthold Reservation.

Dustin Morsette, 22, of New Town, was convicted of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, drug trafficking and witness tampering. He is awaiting sentencing. Authorities said Morsette recruited minors and young adults to be part of a gang he described as the Black Disciples.

He allegedly forced gang members to distribute marijuana for him and engage in sex acts with him. One of the investigators in that case, Bureau of Indian Affairs agent Mike White, said the increase in oil workers has added to worries about sex trafficking. But he said recent convictions on human trafficking and other violent crime has made victims and others more willing to help law enforcement.

Purdon, the U. He noted that an American Indian woman born in the United States has a 1-in-3 chance of being sexually assaulted in her lifetime. June 28, NCAI to stay focused on improving health care and protecting legislation. A snapshot of health conditions highlights the critical need for improving health care in Indian Country; Native people suffer from higher rates of diabetes and related illness, heart disease, and substance abuse than any other group.

For example, it includes:. The passage of the IHCIA on March 23, represented a fourteen year-long effort by NCAI, tribal leaders, and advocates to make permanent the legislative commitment by the federal government to deliver health care for American Indian and Alaska Natives. Founded inthe National Congress of American Indians is the oldest, largest and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization in the country. NCAI advocates on behalf of tribal governments, promoting strong tribal-federal government-to-government policies, and promoting a better understanding among the general public regarding American Indian and Alaska Native governments, people and rights.

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Ladies seeking sex Parker South Dakota

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