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Lethem to be Put “On the Map” at Upcoming Town Week Activities

The second annual Lethem Town Week slated for early next month is aimed at showcasing the township as an attractive business and tourism destination.

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI), today, Lethem’s Deputy-Mayor Maxine Hendricks said the township will have its moment to shine.

This year’s Town Week will be held under the theme ‘Celebrating Transformation, Diversity, and Uniqueness in 2018′ from October 14 – 20. The Deputy-Mayor noted that the main objective of this year’s activity is to showcase the Town and the Rupununi region.

“The main objective of this event is to attract as many visitors as possible from all over Guyana as well as foreigners,” Hendricks said. She said it is hoped that this year there will be more “inclusivity,” where persons outside the town would play a bigger role.

According to the Deputy-Mayor, the government, via the various ministries, has already been supporting the event through monetary and other contributions. Hendricks said other individuals and agencies are welcomed on board to aid the town in reaching its objective of “putting it back on the map”.

“Lethem in itself is a gateway to numerous opportunities and various Eco-Tourism destinations… What makes us unique also is we are a border municipality. We have a lot of businesses and so much more to offer.”

The week-long event will also see the promotion of a Green economy. Hendricks said various agencies will participate in the planting and adoption of some 10,000 trees.

One of the most anticipated activities of the Town Week event is will be the pageant. Accompanying the Deputy-Mayor were some of the delegates vying for the crown of Miss Lethem Town Week.

21-year-old Sheliza Yarde from Tabatinga has a platform of cultural diversity. She said cultural diversity is “positively relevant” as it the bedrock of a cohesive society.

16-year old Pricilla LaCruz will be advocating for second chances for school dropouts at the upcoming contest. She is optimistic that her passion would transform into something tangible as the establishment of an institution to help such persons.

Then there is 18 -year old Luanna Primus who will be pushing for youth empowerment and leadership

“I believe that youths should be more involved in leadership roles within my community and need to be more empowered.” She said the “youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”

This year’s event is the second annual Lethem Town Week and aims to showcase the uniqueness of Lethem and the overall diversity of the Rupununi.

Alexis Rodney.

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