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Lethem Youth Dies In Motorcycle Accident


Last night, a young man from Lethem was killed in a motorcycle accident. Here’s George Gonsalves with more…

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Tuesday, 9 October 2018

On Monday evening, 23-year-old Lethem resident Sylvester Junior De Mendonca was killed in a motorcycle accident at the St. Ignatius Village Bridge.

Accident Victim De Mendonca
Based on information received, around 10 pm De Mendonca was riding a motorcycle from St. Ignatius Village to Lethem when his bike struck the bridges iron rails causing him to collapse on the ground. At the time, he was travelling with friends who were also on motorcycles.
Wreck Motocycle
However, it is possible that another collision may be to blame for De Mendonca losing control of the bike. According to, Lethem Police have since detained a regional contractor, Ramesh Barker and his vehicle, in connection with the accident. It is alleged that the contractor was proceeding west into St. Ignatius Village and collided with the deceased on the bridge. De Mendonca believed to have suffered multiple injuries and a broken skull. He was soon after taken to the Lethem Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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