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Linden Man Killed In Tractor Accident

A fatal accident in Malali Backdam Trail, Region 10 has claimed the life of a resident of Coomacka Mines, Linden. According to police, the accident occurred at about 1 pm on Thursday. At the time of the accident, the victim, 43-year-old chainsaw operator Keith Simmons was standing on the front bar of a tractor being driven by a 34-year-old of Malali. The driver reportedly lost control of the tractor when it began descending a hill. This caused Simmons to fall and he was subsequently run over by the left front wheel of the tractor. He was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex in an unconscious state where he subsequently died while receiving treatment. The driver passed a breathalyzer test. However, he is currently in police custody and assisting with the investigation.

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