Looking for blacks only

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Blacks looked at as inferior or only good for entertainment: Simms. Top Searches Sourav Ganguly birthday. EURO Final. India vs England Tokyo Olympics Olympics India schedule. This story is from June 2, Facebook Twitter Linkedin. While many in India would find shades of this institutionalised violence during the Delhi riots earlier this year and later during the pandemic lockdown, one man is looking at the scenes unfold in the US with particular concern. I am proud of him but am also scared for him," Ronald Simms Jrchief boxing coach at the Inspire Institute of Sport, in Karnataka's Belary district, says.

Despite having served in the US air force, as an African-American, Simms is only echoing what many in the community in the US currently feel. It is quiet fear. Simms reveals what it feels to be a regular black alone on the street and a police car draws up.

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My son was pulled over a few weeks ago. He drove away angry as he felt he was being racially profiled. He told me that the officer stereotyped him which got him to speak out on the Ahmaud Arbery killing," reveals the coach.

Ahmaud Arbery, a year-old in Georgia was shot by two white residents of the neighbourhood in February this year, while he was jogging. Like Floyd, Arbery was unarmed and the incident was recorded by a third white male.

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Similarly, Simms also points to the murder of Breonna Taylor, a year-old qualified Emergency Medical Technician in Louisville, Kentucky - Muhammad Ali's home no less - a few weeks before Floyd was killed. Three plainclothes policemen, answering a call, entered her home and shot her eight times.

Some years ago, Carl Lewis, the track and field great, while visiting TOI's Delhi office was asked why so many cases of racial violence were cropping up despite a black president, Obama, being in the White House. Lewis remarked that the cases were just being reported now, the violence was always there. The spilling over of the anger on Floyd's killing and the police brutality that followed, has moved many elite black athletes in the US to come out in support of their race.

How important does this once again make the symbolism - and isolation - of Colin Kaepernick's Take A Knee moment? He was criticized and accused of disrespecting the US flag but he stood his ground and was blackballed from the NFL. The Black Lives Matter BLM human rights movement which began inbegan to protest on the same issue but many white people misunderstood the narrative," says Simms. The issue is puzzling for an outside world which mostly recognise the American black as the world's most skilful and rewarded sportstars or musicians.

Simms points to the system that has institutionalised racial inequity in US and flips the narrative as per its needs. The hurt and confused people begin to destroy things as they can't find any other answer to stop this from occurring. A black man with no weapons seems to die at the hands of police when a white man can kill nine people, still have the weapon but is only detained in handcuffs," he says.

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Looking for blacks only

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As a Black dad to kids who look white, I allowed myself to relax — the way white parents do