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With its three theme parks -- Universal Studios Florida, Universal's Islands of Adventure and brand new water park Universal's Volcano Bay -- there is something to enjoy for families of all ages! One of the biggest highlights for us was Universal's Volcano Bay. My boys love water parks and they were so excited to visit a brand new one.

We were able to enter Volcano Bay at a. I have never walked to a theme park from my hotel before - it was incredibly convenient! When you arrive you are given a device called TapuTapu which looks like a wrist watch. This new technology allows you to tap on to the ride of your choice to secure your place in line. You are then free to check out other attractions in the park such as the lazy river, wave pool or grab a bite to eat instead of having to wait on a long line.

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The device counts you down and lets you know when it is your chance to go on the ride. There is still a line when you get to the ride but a smaller one. This 4-person family ride is a true water roller coaster! I have never been on a water ride where you shoot uphill! The ride sends you into the Volcano and down many fun twists and turns with a big drop at the end. It was honestly the best water ride I have ever been on. Getting to the park early was key to getting on this ride quickly.

It is the park's biggest attraction so my advice is to make your way straight to it upon arrival and tap in to get your time. We ended up riding it twice but later in the day it was definitely a longer wait but well worth it. One tip is that Volcano Bay does deate some of their rides as "ride now" so you can go on those rides at any time without having to wait for a time on your TapuTapu.

The slides in the back of the park called Taniwha Tubes are a great choice when you are looking for a "ride now" while waiting your turn on some of the bigger attractions. The only person in our family brave enough to do this was my year-old son, Sean. In this ride, you Looking for hangout Chappaqua tonight feet straight down through the Volcano at an intense speed. Sean said this was the scariest ride he has ever been on. You get into a capsule, cross your arms, hold your breath and the floor drops out beneath you.

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I still can't believe he did this one. He absolutely loved it! Volcano Bay also has some terrific family raft rides. We tried them all and our favorite was Honu which featured two huge drops. My kids are still laughing about the "scared face" I made on that ride. There is also a great play area for little ones and a great beach to just hang out and relax on in front of the wave pool.

Volcano Bay is very clean and easy to navigate. I highly recommend this terrific new theme park. The ature attraction is Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts which is a terrific ride. You can also take the Hogwarts Express from here which takes you over to Universal's Islands of Adventure.

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This part of the park is just beautiful and while I confess that I have not read any of the Harry Potter books, I know how authentic this area is. We saw people dressed up as Harry Potter and there was so much excitement in that part of the park. Universal's Islands of Adventure was a huge hit with my boys. This park has so many great rides and attractions. The last time we visited this park The Incredible Hulk Coaster was being refurbished and so Sean was really looking forward to his first time on this ride.

It did not disappoint! Sean and I sat in the front row which is so incredibly exhilarating because you are launched uphill at an incredible zero-to rate of speed and then the ride begins! The coaster has seven loops and reaches a top speed of 67 mph. It was amazing! Spider Man is a terrific ride for kids of all ages! One of the highlights for my family in this park was one of the newest rides, Skull Island: Reign of Kong. This was my husband's favorite ride of the trip.

The visual graphics are amazing in this ride as you watch King Kong fighting dinosaurs. You really feel like you are immersed in the action -- you feel the thud when Kong lands on top of your car. It was really well done. Next time I will wear quick dry shorts or a bathing suit or you can buy a plastic rain slicker to put on if you don't want to get that wet.

Jurassic Park River Adventure is my favorite of the three water rides. It is beautifully done and has a great big drop at the end. Aidan enjoyed standing at the bridge near the end of the ride and getting soaked as the water splashed up over the bridge. The centerpiece is the Hogwarts castle which is visually stunning. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the ature ride in this part of the park and it was amazing. You truly feel like you are flying on this ride. There is also another big roller coaster ride in this area -- the Dragon Challenge -- but this ride is apparently coming down and being replaced by something else.

There is also a great "first-time" coaster for younger kids called Flight of the Hippogriff. My son Aidan loves this ride and must have gone on it five times. The park also has a gorgeous Dr. Seuss themed area called Seuss Landing which is so colorful and filled with attractions for younger. This hotel is very new and clean with a fun, retro theme. I loved the Looking for hangout Chappaqua tonight details such as our soap brand was Zest and shampoo brand was Alberto VO5 iconic brands that were around in the 50's. In the lobby, they have vintage commercials playing such as "Jolly Green Giant" and the fitness center is named for the legendary Jack La Lanne.

There are two pools, a water slide and a lazy river at the hotel. You can buy a tube for the lazy river or bring one with you from home. There is also a bowling alley and arcade so there is plenty for kids to do. We stayed in a family suite which can sleep up to 6 people and had a refrigerator and microwave. I find it so convenient and a money saver to eat breakfast in the room prior to going to one of the parks.

My family really enjoyed staying at this hotel -- it had a "chill" atmosphere that was greatly needed after a full day at the parks. Universal Orlando Resort really has everything Looking for hangout Chappaqua tonight want in a family vacation!

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I can't wait to go back. All opinions expressed here are my own and no other compensation was provided. If you've ever thought that running this Macaroni Kid edition looks like a fun job, you'd be right! So guess what? Now's the time! We have an opening for a publisher for this site! All Rights Reserved. By Lisa Dunleavy August 24, Our next stop was Universal Studios Florida. My family had been to this theme park many years ago but came away really impressed with some of the new rides.

I loved the attention to detail on this ride. When you walk into the lobby you feel like you are in 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York. It was nice and cool inside and the kids could play video games while we waited for our turn. The ride itself is a blast!

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This 3D adventure has you racing through New York following The Tonight Show host on a crazy trip that ends up on the moon. Sean also made me go on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit which is a big roller coaster! I really enjoyed getting to pick the music that I listened to during the ride. I picked "I Will Survive" and that was a fun song to listen to as I went upside down!

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Looking for hangout Chappaqua tonight

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