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Man feared drowned

A West Coast Berbice man who went outing had left his family in a turned stated, Reports stated  that around 09:00hrs, 49-year-old Heron Ewart Anthony of # 29 Village, West Coast Berbice, he had just finished looking for crabs when he approached the sluice at Trafalgar and ventured to the edge to wash mud off his feet.

Heron’s wife Alicia said that as he bent over to wash his feet he slipped into the ocean. He then tried to regain the spot from where he had slipped, but the sluice was open and he was pushed away by the powerful current.

She shouted to him asking if he would be okay and while swimming, he pointed in a direction where he would regain the beach. At the time there was no one else nearby to render assistance to Heron. She said that she then ran towards the building where the sluice attendants were staying to inform them that he had fallen overboard. On returning, instead of seeing him climbing to the shore in the direction where she had seen him point, she saw only the empty ocean and no trace of her husband.

Many villagers went into the ocean where Anthony had disappeared and they were subsequently aided by a vessel from the Guyana Defence Force, but up to late Tuesday afternoon, there was still no trace of the man. Relatives said too that they have been promised additional support by the Guyana Defence Force coastguard to try to locate Anthony today. Anthony worked as a mechanic with the RUSAL operations at Aroima, Berbice River.
Police have launch investigations into the tragic incident are ongoing.


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