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Massive Protests In Berbice Following Declaration

On the death anniversary of the late President Dr Cheddi Jagan, massive crowds gathered in several villages along the West Coast Berbice. They are calling for the continuation of the electoral process in the prescribed legal matter. The protest took place at Number 12 Village, Cotton Tree, Bush Lot, Canje, Tain, and Bath Settlement in Berbice. Protestors have put up roadblocks and set several fires along the public road. The protesters in Bath Settlement set a car alight, attacked police officers, and a passing school bus. One of the officers who came under attack received injuries to his foot. Four students in the passing school bus were left with bruises after protestors reportedly hurled objects at the windows of the bus. They were treated at the Fort Wellington Hospital and subsequently released. PPP’s statement addressed its position on the need for the verification process to continue. It is encouraging its supporters to be peaceful saying “The PPP urges our supporters to ensure that none of their actions is in contradiction with the laws of Guyana; stay home and await further guidance from the Party.”

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