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Mayor Tries To Bring Relief To Flood Victims

After several sections of Georgetown was laden by flood waters on Wednesday. The Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine and his team visited the affected areas.

This visit prompted the Mayor the next day, launched a cleanup campaign, cleaning the drains and the sluice in Princess and Water Street.

While the water level in the flooded areas slowly recedes, health risks are increasing. The flood water is contaminated with the urine and excreta of both humans and animals. Mosquitoes have found a breeding place in the shallow water. Illnesses such as filarial, dengue, tuberculosis or pneumonia are possible effects of the current sanitary situation. Persons, The need to take the precaution of leptospirosis that is suspected to be responsible for the death of at least 11 persons is also directly related to the floods in 2005.

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