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Minister Holder: What Position Of Strength?


Despite having struck one of the largest oil finds in recent history; Agriculture Minister Noel Holder does not feel that Guyana has greatly changed its ability to negotiate with other entities. Here is Wendell Jeffrey with more…

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Now that Guyana has found oil, many Guyanese are voicing the notion that Guyana should begin negotiating with their Caribbean counterparts from a position of strength,

Senior cabinet member and minister of Agriculture Noel Holder was part of the negotiating team that met with Trinidad and Tobago’s PM Dr. Keith Rowley.

C2 HLN asked the minister if Guyana will now be negotiating the treaties and MOU’s from a position of strength.
The Minister questioned what I meant by a position of strength.

I said that we have found oil and unlike in the past, we can now call the shots. The Minister remained questioning, asking what shots we can call.

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