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Minister of Education Commissions Eastville Nursery

The 20, 938, 296.00 dollar East Ville Nursery school was officially commissioned earlier today. The impressive ceremony which was attended by Minister of education Nicolette Henry, Regional Chairman Ms Genevieve Allen, Regional Executive Officer (REO) Ms Pauline Lucas, Regional Education Officer (ag), Ms Tiffany Favourite-Harvey, Chief Education Officer Nursery (ag), Ms Samantha Williams and the widow and a daughter of the late Clyde Roopchand among others.
The construction of the school began in March 2016 and was completed in August 2017 and was funded by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC Region Four) through the Government of Guyana at a school was constructed by SIMCON has a capacity to host some 120 students.
Chief Education Officer Nursery (Ag), Ms Samantha Williams, in giving a historical background to the establishment of the community and school, noted that the community is a young one. She noted that because of the heavily overcrowding of several of the neighbourhood nurseries, it was decided that a new nursery school should be built in an attempt to significantly ease the overcrowding at several other schools.
She noted that the late Mr. Clyde Roopchan, former Chief Planning Officer of the Ministry of Finance, was very instrumental in the establishment of the school. This, she said played a pivotal role as it was a combination of his vision and that of other stakeholders that helped to give birth to East Ville nursery school in 2016. “It is this spirit of cooperation and collaboration that the Ministry of Education chose to recognise today and is seen reflected across all communities,” Williams told the audience, which also included a number of teachers and students.
She added, “The establishment of this school demonstrated the community and the region’s commitment in making education easily accessible to nursery aged children.” Williams commended the village Co-op society for what she said was their insightful donation of the land to the school. She went on to disclose that a monument in recognition of Mr. Roopchand’s do contribution have been set up in an effort to forever remember his meaningful and sterling contributions.
In stressing the urgency and critical importance of education, the CEO for Nursery reiterated the importance of various stakeholders getting involved. She told all in attendance that each person has a responsibility in further enhancing and providing for the continued growth and development of education but this must be done collectively. “We have to recognise that education is everybody’s business and the onuses is on each of us to play our respective roles,” the CEO acting for Nursery said. She assured that her ministry will continue to ensure that students across Guyana within the nursery sector continues to be afforded quality early childhood education adding that this is a pivotal requirement.
Regional Chairman, Ms. Genevieve Allen in giving brief remarks pointed out that the school was long in planning. She disclosed that it was in 2014 that the idea of constructing a nursery school at Eastville was birth and she is very elated to see that it became a reality in 2017. “In 2014 while putting forward plans for the development of our region, this community was among those identified,” she said. She was that there was a request for an educational facility, which they noted would better serve the community. The Regional Chairman said that it was in 2015 that a feasibility study was done and in the priority list of projects under the education programme for the region, the Eastville Nursery school was put forward. “Today I am happy that after that period of time that we are commissioning this building that was put forward over a number of years,” she declared.
In expressing her firm belief about the importance of education, the former teacher now Regional Chairman said, “Education remains important for the development of any nation, for the development of our region, for the development of our communities and this small community of Eastville which is termed as South Annandale would have made the request and it was realised. This nursery school along with the Diamond Nursery school would have brought the total of 58 nursery schools within our region.” Regional Chairman Allen thanked the management committee of Eastville, the late Clyde Roopchand, the Ministry of Education and all those who played a role in ensuring that the students of Eastville can have a school of their own.
Meanwhile, in delivering her remarks, Minister of Education Ms. Nicolette Henry spoke about the value and importance of such a school in the community of Eastville. She noted that her government remains committed and dedicated with what she dubbed as ‘unprecedented support and assistance’ to the education sector. She expressed thanks and gratitude to various stakeholders for playing a pivotal role in the successful execution of the project. “Ad you progress you will reap the benefits of quality education and an educational system that will make you the best that you can be, not only for yourself but also for your family and community as a whole,” she said. Minister Henry expressed happiness that the children are exposed to various learning experiences which she said carets f their holistic educational development.

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