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MOPH Rolls Out COVID-19 Online Application


In an effort to better assist the nation during the pandemic, the Ministry of Public Health has released a new online app. Esther Sobers tells us more in this report...

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Ministry of Public Health is stepping up their response to the novel
coronavirus in Guyana with the creation of an online app.
According to a medical consultant to the MOPH, Julius Simon the main
purpose of the application is to provide information about symptoms of
COVID-19. While their website offers visitors to access all the COVID-19
hotline numbers.

Once applicants provide information with symptoms related to COVID 19,
their information will be forwarded to the relevant health authorities.

Also, the site will provide timely updates with a section that shows the
latest statistics regarding the virus. Additionally, the site has a feature
where persons can provide feedback.

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