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MOPT Opens ICT Hub In Cinderella City

The Ministry of Public Telecommunications has opened up another ICT hub. This time, residents of Cinderella City in Region 10 are the beneficiaries. Region 10 Councillor Elise Benjamin Hall said this is the first of a number of projects identified for implementation in the area. The establishment of the ICT Hub has been funded by the Cinderella City Council, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and a local community group. According to Hall, the ICT hub is almost ready for the community’s use.

“The council has a few finishing touches, before officially commissioning the hub, this includes the completion of the back entrance among other areas,”

Nonetheless, she encouraged residents and business owners of Cinderella City to play a more active role in the ICT Hub which will benefit at least 10,000 persons within the constituency and neighbouring communities. This is not the only Region 10 village to receive an ICT hub in the coming months. Kwakwani, Ituni, Coomacka Mines and Rivers View are all on the list. To date, the Ministry of Public Telecommunications has set up approximately 110 ICT Hubs across Guyana.

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