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Music truck sends elderly woman to Hospital

In Trinidad, an elderly woman was rushed to the hospital with complaints of chest pains after a carib/stag branded truck blasting music, moved through parts of her community following the world cup final. Mrs. Chin ching, 85, is believed to have suffered a mild heart attack. Reports claim that the truck stayed for approximately two hours in front of the elderly woman’s home. According to the residents, councilor June Durham asked the police officers who were escorting the truck if they could have the dj lower the music as it was affecting the 85-year-old woman. The request, however, was ignored. The councilor then contacted the st James police station for assistance and reportedly had the phone hung up on her. The residents say the truck was eventually moved – 20 minutes later. “The stress was too much for Mrs. Chin ching as her grandchildren alerted their uncle that she was feeling unwell complaining about chest pains. An ambulance was called and she is currently being treated in hospital.

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