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NDC Chairman Reiterates Call For Investigation And Arrest Of Former Employee Who Allegedly Embezzled Millions

Chairman of the Golden Grove/Diamond Place NDC, Bharrat Narine at the Regional Accounting Communities (RAC) meeting have reiterated a call for the Auditor General’s office and the Guyana Police Force to step up in ensuring that the investigation in millions of monies missing from the NDC coffers are accounted for. Former employee, Latoya Moore allegedly embezzled millions of dollars and immediately resigned after auditors were and police were called in on February 9, 2017.
Narine in a passionate plea told the gathering of NDC and administration officials here are investigation here there and everywhere for what he considered as small and petty amounts while there seems to be no investigation for what he dubbed as the ‘mega millions’ missing.

“Madam Chair I am rising again to plea for this matter to be properly investigated as we cannot sit by as an NDC and have these millions missing and nothing being done. Since this matter was exposed the auditor general office visited and said that they have a lot of work and that is all we have heard from them and this is not good enough as with only 60 per cent of the internal audit completed we found that 21 million were missing and with the remaining 40% completed it is estimated to be around 30-35 million,” the NDC head said.
Narine said that they were very disappointed when they uncovered the fraud which he said would have occurred from the period August 2015 to February 9, 2017. He told those gathered at the RAC meeting that the suspect, Moore was called to a meeting on February 9, 2017, however the following day she tendered her resignation without giving any reason. The police and the region have been involved from day one but what I can’t understand this, why can’t this young lady be arrested and charged or fully investigated,” the evidently peeved chairman said.
The NDC chairman told the meeting that the mater continues to remain in the hands of the Auditor General who he said doesn’t seem interested in doing anything about it. “Madam Chair this matter has been with the AG’s office since last year and nothing has happened. We are exceptionally hurt because it has been so long and nothing has happened. Madam Chair I know that you and your office have been seeking to help in having this matter properly addressed however nothing has happened. We have been raising this mater over and over at all levels of meetings being held here at the RDC but nothing has happened and I am aware that you Regional Chairman has been trying to have it addressed,” he said.
Narine said that in the initial stages of the investigation the ground work was done by his councillors, noting that the police have not been very helpful thus far. “RC I must however express my councillors’ satisfaction and appreciation for the support and assistance that have been given to us thus far by the RDC. Nevertheless, we cannot allow such a situation to go by without any meaningful action being taken,” he said. Narine in his plead to the Regional Chairman said that there are many unanswered questions stressing that Moore could not have pulled of such an act all alone and questioned why no one else including the Overseer at the time was ever questioned by the police. “All the police said to us is that they cannot locate Latoya Moore as she apparently moved out from her Kaneville address, but what we are concerned about is why no one else was ever questioned as such a f5aud could not have been committed by one person alone,” he posited.
The evidently upset NDC Chairman declared that while they (Golden Grove/Diamond Place) NDC have been able to stop the haemorrhaging of the funds, they are hoping that other NDC’s would see to strengthen their systems thus preventing a repeat. “I firmly believe that we must hold people accountable to their job,” Narine declared.
Meanwhile, Regional Chairman Ms Geneveive Allen in responding to the request and concerns of the NDC Chairman thanked him promising that she will personally get on the ‘backs’ of the police and AG in ensuring that this matter is addressed. “I am in support of your views and concerns and you would have notice that since this matter we have made several new implementations of systems across all the NDCs in the region as we will not wait for another situation to occur before taking action. I agree with you that action needs to be taken and I can assure you that the RDC will continue to do all within its powers to ensure such,” she promised.
“You have made a valuable point in due diligence back ground checks being made before employing persons as if proper and due background checks are done I feel that some of the problems encountered by agencies and organisations can be prevented,” Allen added.

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