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NDMA In Process Of Bringing Free Internet To Orealla

The NDMA continues with its mandate of transforming government services and bridging the digital divide. Last weekend, the NDMA visited the village of Orealla Mission, East Berbice-Corentyne Region 6. The technical team has begun the process of laying fibre optic cables in order to provide free government WiFi to the area. This will include connecting the schools with internet as well as opening an eGovernment ICT Hub where residents can have access to the internet.

Chairman of the NDMA, Mr Floyd Levi and his team also met with residents in the area to discuss the benefits of the initiative and the need for community involvement. To date, 106 secondary schools, 98 primary schools as well as 34 Regional Education Offices, Tertiary, TVET & Skills Training Institutions across the nation have been connected with free Internet.

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