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New Diamond Grove 2018 NGSA Students Recognised …School Secures 20 Top Places

Despite taking almost five hours, several hundreds parents, friends, education officials, well-wishers and members of the community turned out in large numbers to witness the 2018 graduation exercise of the New Diamond Grove Primary School. The graduation was held for the 140 students who wrote this year’s exams with the school recording its best showing in its six years of writing the National Grade Six Assessment.

This batch according to head teacher of the school, Ms Wendy Norville-Chichester was very special as this year’s graduates are the very first batch of students that commenced learning at the institution six year ago in Grade one. She disclosed that their performance is certainly an indication that the school continues to aim for excellence while delivering nothing less.

Among the schools top 20 performers were two students who were in the country’s top 15 with three coming in Region Four’s top ten and four from the country’s top 100 performers, a feat that was never seen before by the school. The top performers in in the various subjects area were; Language, Tahir Rambharose, Elijah Gomes and Esha Lakeram, Mathematics with perfect scores were Esha Lakeram, Jaya Jamuna and Elijah Gomes, Science were Esha Lakeram and Jaya Jamuna, while Social Studies was copped by Ariel Kissoon.

The school got the national fourth place through its valedictorian, Esha Lakeram who came six marks short of the country’s top student. The Head teacher disclosed that the school was not only excited but absolutely surprised by young Lakeram’s performance noting that while she always featured in the top three to four it was the students who got second and third for the school that they thought would have place the country among the country’s best. So surprised were the teachers that the future international figure skater’s father admitted that while he and how wife made numerous sacrifices and has spent countless nights studying with their daughter, noted that while they never thought that she would be in  the top ten of the country they were confident that’s he would excel at her exams. “We used to work every night with her as while she is quiet and simple she so very focused and hardworking and  yes we were very surprised by her performance in coming fourth but we never doubted that she was capable of doing well,” an evidently overjoyed Kumar Lakeram said.

The young scholar who openly admitted that she is very excited to begin her secondary years at Queens College noted that she is hoping that some of her classmates who would be heading to the school with her is placed in the same class. However, she stressed that even if they are not placed in the same class the unbreakable friendship’ that they have built over the past six years would remain intact. Esha who said that while many top performers may be pressured to choose what she dubbed as the ‘fancy professions’ she isn’t sure as yet what she wants but for now she has a passion of becoming an international figure skater and hopes to pursue this dream sooner than later overseas. “I am really not sure what I really want to be come but what I know I that for bow I would like to become a figure skater and that is the only thing on my mind at the moment,” she said with a smile.

The Head teacher revealed that f the school’s top twenty students they secured four places at Queens college, two at Bishops High, one at Saints Stanislaus College St Roses and Saint Joseph High school, four at President’s College and the remaining eight to Diamond Secondary. “Despite our challenges and constraints we have been able to do reasonably well over the past year. We have taken part in several extracurricular activities and our teachers backed by a very strong supportive and hardworking PTA continues to lend valuable and significant support to the school,” the HM said. She added, “We continue to honour our pupils in areas of sports, attendance, academic performances and other competitions. Today’s activity is indeed another example of our reward system.”

Retired Head teacher of some three odd decades, Ms. Dawn English in congratulating the students and giving them the charge urged them to pay close attention to the word choices. She stressed that choices can either benefit us or result in us not achieving and or accomplishing our goals. She reminded the students that basic qualities. Among them being honesty, integrity, respect and maintaining a reputable image are critically important if they are going to succeed in life despite the many challenges and difficulties that they would be confronted with. “You must choose to read every day. You must remember that choices have lifelong consequences and I urge you to remember that the most important letter in the word success is U. Therefore, I remind you and charge you to remember that everything rest and depends upon you. Don’t allow today to just be another day but ensure that today will be one that will continue to motivate you for everyday of your secondary education life as I remain confident that you will continue to success,” the retired head teacher said.

The Department of Education through the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Region Four also honoured the top two students with trophies while Regional Education Officer (ag), Ms. Tiffany Favourite-Harvey through her Secondary Education Officer , Loren Parks expressed pleasure, excitement and satisfaction over the performance of the students and more in particular the top four students. Mr parks reminded the students that the Department of Education region four stands committed, dedicated and devoted to ensuring that they would continue to excel in their academic pursuits while promising the students and staff of the New Diamond Grove Primary that their efforts would be emulated by several others public schools within Region Four.

Equally elated with the students performances were a number of private companies, individuals and organisations expressed their appreciation and satisfaction with the results with a number of trophies, cash and other prizes being presented in the ceremony which was laced with several exciting and tantalising cultural items. The top twenty students were Esha Lakeram 523, Jaya Jamuna 521, Elijah Gomes 519, Safraz Khan 515, Ariel Kissoon 512, Tahir Rambharose 511, Shenequa Solomon 508, Elizabeth Mc Rae 504, Adriana Walters 501, Akeel Nicolas 497, Cassie Henry 497, Arianna Kissoon 497, Akeela Rahim 496, Atiya Percival 489, Daena Richards 488, Sanjay Rajkumar 487, Sayaad Rajkumar 487, Sayaad Yaseen 487, Lionel Dhanraj 486, Jhania DAndrade 484 and Beyanka Benons.

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