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Nurses Are The ‘Heart’ Of Public Healthcare – Min. Cummings

Minister within Ministry of Public Health Dr. Karen Cummings described nurses as the ‘heart’ of the public healthcare system and should be shown more appreciation for their priceless contribution.

“The hardworking men and women who are responsible for the treatment, safety and recovery of acutely or chronically ill or injured persons must be profoundly recognised for their unrivalled commitment and dedication. We must also celebrate the work that nurses do in maintenance of the healthy and the treatment of life-threatening emergencies in a wide ranged healthcare setting”, the Minister said.

This was highlighted, on Saturday, during an International Nurses Day ceremony at the Woodlands Hospital. Minister Cummings noted that though many may overlook the hard work and devotion demonstrated by nurses, the Ministry commended them for their priceless contribution.

Scenes from the International Nurses Day event at Woodlands Hospital.

The minister noted, “While nursing is a tough, challenging profession, it is also a noble one and while it could be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding at times, it can also be rewarding. We, at the ministry salute you all for hard work and hope that you continue to help those in need to assist in achieving the Health vision 2020.”

The Minister reiterated that the ministry also recognises the critical importance of investing in the human capital which is necessary to enable nurses to strive prosperously in a dynamic healthcare environment. She further thanked the nurses for performing their tasks with the utmost respect, professionalism, dedication and commitment.

Managing Director, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Dr. Neville Gobin, also lauded the nursing staff for their hard work over the years.

By: Neola Damon

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