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Parents Can Verify NGSA Exams Results

Parents who may query the results of their children that wrote this year National grade six assessment or may request for the student to attend the school with their required marks can have the process done through the ministry exam division.

During the award ceremony held on Wednesday morning by the Ansa Mcal headline news sought a comment from the Minister of Education, Marcel Hutson about the possibilities of parents requesting them to review their children exam scripts and this was his response.

Over 14,715 students across the country, who were tested in four subjects which determined the school the student will attend. However many parents that questioned the mentioned used by the Ministry with the placement of students would be given schools closest to their district rather than the school to their required marks. This method Huston opined that parents can seek a transfer for students to their respected school.

A 57.4 per cent pass rate was recorded in English in 2019 as compared to 60.6% last year. Thirty-nine per cent of the candidates gained 50% and more in Social Studies as opposed to 46.1 per cent in 2018. Meanwhile, 42.4% gained 50% and more in Science as opposed to 46.8 per cent in 2018.

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