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Parents to protest Mae’s School over tuition increase

In a move that has garnered ire of parents of the school’s students; Mae’s School recently announced that it would be raising its tuition fees.

The institution has decided to raise the tuition for the Play group level by 42%, Nursery level 33%, Primary level (Grades 1-4) 25%, and Grade Six 14%; effective September 2018.

In response, a group of concerned parents of students attending the private school, have declared plans for a protest on Monday, April 9, 2018.

During this past Thursday’s, Post Cabinet press briefing, Minister of State Joseph Harmon expressed the government’s intention of looking into the increase;

“The Ministry of Education, I certainly believe, will have to have a look at this, it see if it will have an unreasonable impost on citizens.”

During that time, he also spoke of the irony of Mae’s School’s decision, in light of the government’s move to tax private education tuition in 2017, saying;

“When the government introduced some fees on the private schools… is there is big hue and a cry from the same citizens that are now complaining that the school as much as a 47% [42%] increase.”

Mae’s School may not be alone. While speaking at the Caribbean Educators Conference, Director of School of the Nations Brian O’Toole divulged that his school may consider a tuition hike as well;

“It’s likely that we may review the fees, because if we want the best education. We charge at the moment maybe $1,200 (USD). In international terms that is a very very low figure. But we want to continue make sure that we offer it to a wide cross section as possible. “

Mr. O’Toole cited rising operation costs  as a reason for the possible increase.

“You ask any businessperson, anywhere in the world and operations increase, electricity price increases, everything increases, so Nations is looking at it.  But we will not increase our fees to that extent but; we will not increase our fees by 40%.”

The Mae’s School defended their increase citing operating costs and challenges in finding experienced teachers at current pay rates.



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