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Pirate Attack Survivor Seeks Help In Finding Late Wife’s Family

After surviving a brutal attack at sea, fisherman Sherwin Lovell, is not only left to grieve of the loss of his colleagues, but also the sudden death of his wife. In an interview with reporters over the weekend. The grief stricken Lovell revisited the horrific day which he was marked for death. Lovell sustained chop wounds to both his arms and his left leg. After being chopped by pirates, he jumped overboard and swam for two days until he found land. He then walked through swamp for several days until reached a fishing village where he received help.
While being thankful for having survived the ordeal; he is now faced with a new difficult reality. His wife, Michelle Carol has died. Reports indicate that she took ill and never recovered after being bitten by an unidentified animal. Michelle, who is Guyanese born, had only come to Suriname five months ago to be with her husband. The distraught Lovell is now seeking the public’s assistance in making contact with his late wife’s family in Mocha, East Bank Demerara. Persons desirous of contacting Lovell can reach him on telephone number 597-850-4503.
As of today, at least 20 persons are in police custody in Suriname. Among them is well known suspect called “Crack Head”. During an interrogation he allegedly confessed to killing at least five of the men.
Was it an act of revenge? Investigators are currently working on the theory that the attack was an act of revenge in an ongoing disagreement among Guyanese fishermen who are the main suppliers of fish to the Surinamese market. Nonetheless, family members of the missing fisher men are still left to identify the bodies that were recovered.

-Esther Sobers

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