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ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Zeitlin, then the CEO of Tapestry — parent company of luxury brands such as Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman — went so far as to urge me to dig into his background. Zeitlin was allowed to re, rather than be fired, and received no severance payment. The reation represented a calamitous fall for Zeitlin, 56, one that was nearly as improbable as his rise. Born in Nigeria, the son of a maid, Zeitlin was largely brought up by an American family which eventually became his legal guardian and rose to become a rare Black partner at Goldman Sachs before eventually becoming one of only five Black CEOs among Fortune companies.

Zeitlin enjoyed a gilded reputation. And Tapestry thrived during his brief tenure as CEO, at least until the pandemic ravaged the business. Each of these black lives matter. The essay became a sensation, and it made Zeitlin a leading corporate voice for social change. Some problems seemed like benign business stumbles: For example, a company that he ran in India went bankrupt. But then there was what appeared to be almost a past second life for Zeitlin. Working under an alias, he took photos, many sexual, at least some involving nudity, of women in a studio just feet from where his wife and children lived.

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That life had surfaced inhindering a chance for him to enter government service, only to be publicly left behind — until today. The publication commissioned the article, and Zeitlin agreed to be interviewed.

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His was a tale worth telling. Among those were the Zeitlins, an American family. Arnold Zeitlin was a veteran foreign correspondent for The Associated Press.

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The Zeitlins, thinking Jide would get a better education in Lagos, suggested he live with them, an arrangement his mother embraced. When the Zeitlins moved to Pakistan inthey asked Jide, who was 5, if he would like to the family and move there. Jide said yes. Eventually, the Zeitlins would become his legal guardians, and he took their last name. Inshe died in a car accident. After Pakistan, the Zeitlins were posted to the Philippines but were forced to leave the country in when Arnold Zeitlin wrote articles that angered its president, Ferdinand Marcos, and his wife, Imelda.

After that, Zeitlin was off to Amherst College, where he studied English and economics. There he got the Wall Street bug. He wrote to a of investment banks, seeking an internship. They all turned him down. A fortuitous meeting with a partner at Goldman Sachs led to a summer internship.

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He went back every summer, including after his first year at Harvard, where he had gone to get his MBA. When he graduated from Harvard inGoldman offered him a job in its world-beating mergers and acquisitions department. InGoldman named Zeitlin a partner. When the firm completed its own initial public offering in Mayhis. Sara Lee also owned Coacha high-end leather goods maker. InZeitlin said, Paulson asked him to go to India and figure out a strategy for the firm there.

While there, Zeitlin spotted a new opportunity: cellphone towers. At the end ofhe formed The Keffi Group, a private investment firm, to do deals, including buying cell towers in India. Zeitlin soon experienced his first stumbles. For others, such setbacks might have taken years to recover from.

Zeitlin, by contrast, was ready to tackle a new challenge. Paulson told him to take it, but Zeitlin decided not to, in part, he said, because it was in Washington and his young family was in New York City. Paulson had a different memory, according to an he provided for this article. I told him it would be better to start at a lower level. I also asked him about some unseemly rumors I had heard [unrelated to Goldman Sachs] and he denied them.

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When I discussed him with Treasury I said he was talented but his personal conduct should be looked into. Still, six months later, another government opportunity presented itself. According to Zeitlin, the head of White House personnel asked him to be the U. On Sept. Zeitlin was about to learn, however, that in the pressure cooker of Washington, your mistakes often mattered more than your triumphs.

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On Nov. Zeitlin chalked it up to the usual political sparring over nominees that occurs in Washington prior to confirmation hearings. Robert Menendez and from Republican Sen. Richard Lugar. It seemed he was poised for the next rung on the ladder. Raymond had met Zeitlin two years earlier, in January On Dec. Gigle said he has no memory of the interaction. In the several weeks before Raymond and Greene agreed to meet for the photo session, there were s between them focused on what she should wear and what parts of her body he planned to focus on; she also shared other photos of herself.

On Jan. As I am trying to envision this, I was hoping that you had some existing shots of your ass. The only shot you sent of your butt is the one in jeans — but the jeans are so busy the pockets, the stitching, etc.

Do you have any other shots of your butt? A lot Please a woman Spade Texas times runners in particular have hard butts, but not much in the way of contours, suspense or drama in their butts, not their personality. In an on Jan.

As if to emphasize that he worked differently than other photographers, Greene had informed her that he used a Hasselblad medium format camera and old-fashioned film. Given our day today, however, there is a real risk that I will wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts of you swirling around in my head. There are a lot of remarkably smooth types who make it their business to take advantage of others. Sorry for my paternalistic lecture.

I look forward to seeing you again — soon. Over the course of the next few months, according to Raymond, she and Greene became friends, then lovers. Their first post-photo shoot meeting was at the NoHo Star restaurant, she said; he was leaving for a Canadian dog sledding trip that day. When he called me from the home that he stayed in after, he told me that he had been thinking of me the entire time and he just loved my text. Soon after, Greene confessed to her that he had been living a double life.

His real name was Jide Zeitlin. She had become suspicious of him. I discovered his true identity. He apologized for the deception and told me he was falling in love with me. With great regret I began a romantic relationship with Jide. Goldberg did not immediately reply to an seeking comment. Their consensual affair lasted until Octoberaccording to Raymond.

Things would turn uglier still.

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They learned that Raymond was not the only person Zeitlin photographed. They began to fill in the picture of how he operated. Neither Zeitlin nor Tapestry responded to extensive written questions about these activities. To solicit models, Raymond said, Zeitlin used the same [ protected] address he used to respond to her initial in December Zeitlin later tried to sell the two apartments.

Raymond and her husband undertook a two-person detective quest to try to uncover how many women Zeitlin had photographed. Obsessively cross-referencing a modelling-website i. Zeitlin removed his profile on these sites sometime inaccording to Raymond.

All told, Raymond found seven models they believed Zeitlin had photographed, nearly all of them in demonstrably sexual poses, many lying on a bed in skimpy lingerie. Some involved nudity. To her frustration, however, she was unable to get any traction. One connection that appeared promising in was Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Lattman, who had written about the cellphone tower business for the publication.

Lattman, now overseeing The Atlantic and other media investments for the Emerson Collective which donates to ProPublicaacknowledged having numerous conversations with Raymond. He said he found her story credible and confirmed in s to Raymond that I have seen that Zeitlin had used the website onemodelplace.

Finally, in DecemberRaymond struck some pay dirt when Josh Rogin, a reporter at The Cable — a blog of Foreign Policy magazine — became interested in her claims about Zeitlin after she ed him out of the blue. Zeitlin returned to The Keffi Group, remained on the board of Coach where he became chairman in November and continued to serve on the board of Amherst College, where he had assumed the chairmanship of the board of trustees in July InAmherst gave him an honorary doctorate.

In his addresshe spoke of his life and experiences. Zeitlin was alternately evasive or dismissive last November when I asked basic questions about the events leading up to his sudden withdrawal from the United Nations job in Zeitlin denied everything. He was just getting started. Zeitlin said political enemies that had been looking to derail his nomination created a lie about him luring a woman into an unwanted relationship. To buttress his claims of having done nothing untoward, Please a woman Spade Texas pointed to discussions he said he had in with people close to then-Treasury Secretary Jack Lew about taking a role — six years after he withdrew his U.

To back this up, he showed me but did not let me have a few s on his mobile device that appeared as if he were conversing with someone at the Treasury about a Please a woman Spade Texas job working for Lew. They offered me the role and at that point. Lew, who now works at Lindsay Goldberga private equity firm in New York, said through a colleague that he had no idea who Zeitlin is and that he never considered him for a job at the Treasury. Zeitlin, in response, referred me to Sarah Bloom Raskina former Lew deputy. DeMint is a conservative former U. He did not respond to an seeking comment.

By July, Clare Locke, a law firm representing Zeitlin, had dispatched a letter threatening a libel suit. The letter alleged that I had misled Zeitlin by originally telling him I intended to publish the article in Air Mail and that a subsequent potential publisher — the Foundation for Financial Journalism, for whom I am treasurer and a director — is a tool for short-sellers and vested financial interests. William D. Cohan, a former Wall Street investment banker, is the author of four bestselling books. His latest, "Four Friends," was published a year ago.

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Please a woman Spade Texas

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