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Police Allegedly Injured Teen With Police Vehicle

What was supposed to be a visit to a learning institution has left a teen to hospitalize and possibly unable to walk in the future.

In an Interview with headline news the mother of 17-year-old Jamal Barker, Regina Hinds explains that on Monday while her son was on his way home after filling out a registration form the Guyana Industrial Training Center, the teen decided to hitch a ride from one of his friends on a motorcycle.

On their journey, the rider was summoned by the police to stop for a routine check. The rider refused to stop, which led to a police chase into Belaire park. According to Hinds, the police ran the teens into a neighborhood trench. However, the police are relating a different series of event

Barker who was the pillion rider received severe injuries to his leg and back and is currently a patient at the Georgetown Public hospital. The teen who is discrediting the police version spoke with this newscast, by phone, from his hospital bed. He shared his version about what transpired.

When asked why they refused to stop when approached by the police, Barker explained that he told his friend to stop but he refused. He said his friend told him that he did not have the legal documentation for the motorbike. The rider received injuries to his legs and is currently in police custody assisting with investigations Meanwhile, Hinds admits that she is not defending her son’s actions. She is however frustrated that police officers attached to the Kitty police station are not truthful about what transpired

Hinds vows that she will continue to hold the police officers accountable for what happened to her son. The matter was reported to a higher police official who has promised that an investigation will be launched. Headline news will update this story, as we gather more information on the possible investigation.

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