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Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo: January 31 Ruling Will Not Disrupt Peace

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo is assuring the nation that peace will not be disturbed nor will the works of the Government be deterred when the High Court makes its ruling on Thursday, January 31.

During his weekly Facebook Live, the Prime Minister said it is expected that Chief Justice (ag), Roxanne George will rule on January 31 on a number of cases before the court.

“Whatever is the outcome tomorrow, I suspect that there would be appeal proceedings filed”.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo explained that the outcome of the ruling would be just another step of “what is likely to be a lengthy process.”

This, he pointed out, is an unprecedented development for Guyana to have a vote of no-confidence filed in the National Assembly on a slender one-seat majority.

“Therefore, we expect to see that the Government will continue in office and will continue to discharge its functions,” the Prime Minister emphasised.

The Prime Minister reminded that during the January 9 meeting between the Government and the Opposition, the Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo agreed with President David Granger that the government remains in place, “100 per cent, he said, and Parliament is opened, and the works of the State continue”.

After the December 21 vote, there were concerns regarding the motion and its validity. It was stated at the 111th sitting of the National Assembly, by the Speaker of the House, Dr Barton Scotland, that the consequences of the motion will be decided on January 3, 2019, when the Parliament was expected to reconvene. Subsequently, upon its resumption, the Speaker had explained that he had doubts as to the number of requirements under the Constitution and recommended that the matter is placed before the court for a ruling.

In these circumstances, Prime Minister Nagamootoo explained, either side; the Government or the Opposition would use every opportunity “to take this matter further down the road to ensure justice is done completely and fully.”

Rebecca Ganesh.

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