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Prominent South Korean Politician Commits Suicide

South Korean politician Roh Hoe-chan was found dead on Monday. It appeared he may have taken his life, amidst him being embroiled in a corruption scandal. The body was found near a Seoul apartment building. Police said they believe Roh, 61, leaped to his death from the building after leaving a suicide note saying, “Dear fellow citizens, I’m sorry. It’s entirely my fault, so please punish me and I’d like you to continue to support the Justice Party,” Roh also said in a note addressed to party members that He had accepted 40 million won ($36,260) in 2016, but without granting any political favors in return. If Roh’s death is officially determined a suicide, he would be the highest-profile politician to kill himself since former President Roh Moo-hyun jumped to his death in 2009 amid a corruption scandal involving his family.

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