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Protest for Ronaldo Gomes

Today, the Mother of Ronaldo Gomes, Paula Williams and Bonita Montaque held a Protest for the late Ronaldo Gomes. They were followed by friends and family of the late Ronaldo. They walked from Ashmins to the head office of Splashmins Resort on Hadfield Street, shouting for Justice for Ronaldo Gomes.

It was stated that the young man went for an outing at Splashmin’s. It turned tragic after 18 year old, Ronaldo Gomes decided to go for a swim, He never made it back out of the water alive.

News of teen death quickly circulated as indicated that he drowned but according to the dead teen’s mother she is claiming that her son could not have ony drowned at the Resort.

Gomes, a former business school student, was attending a job project with several persons, Saturday last, on the Linden Soeskdye High way. After which the young men decided to enter the Splashmin Resort.

However, when it was time to leave the resort, Gomes was not found, causing his friends to fear the worst. About an hour after, lifeguards discovered the lifeless body of Gomes, still in the water.
The distraught mother, who adamantly believes that her son didn’t drowned because he knows how to swim, reiterated that teen was hit by a boat at the resort.

To support her claims she showed this news cast pictures of her son’s body after he was found.

The very graphic images show the young man’s neck and part of his face severed.

Gomes’s whom his mother described as jovial was looking forward to the planned family trip.

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