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Questions Disallowed by Speaker of the House

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland blocked the Opposition from asking  the Government questions relating to the Amerindian Land titling in the National Assembly. Dr. Scotland said the questions are important but not “urgent”.

The Indigenous people of Guyana has been fighting for Land Titling long now but not seeing any process, However this issue is raised at National Toshaos Conference which is a week long event at the Arthur Chung Conference Center.

Former Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai was directing a question to Vice- President and Minister of Indigenous People Affairs, Sydney Allicock. The question asked by Ms. Pauline Sukhai  asking about US$2.5M of the US$10.7M allocated to the land titling project under the Low Carbon Development Strategy was spent in the last three years.

Other questions asked by Pauline Sukhai was  “How many communities who applied for titles and or extensions have been demarcated in this period?” and whether the Government’s inaction is an indication of its intention to halt all Amerindian Land titling?”


Since Minister Allicock took office works of the Amerindian Land Titling couldn’t have completed and an extension of up to October of this year was granted.

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