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Ramkarran: PPP Allows For Fake Campaigns

Some of the inner workings of the PPP, especially the procedure of electing or selecting their presidential candidates, is now been scrutinized

Ralph Ramkarran, a founder member who once sat on the executive committee of the PPP, thinks that Charles Ramson,  “May have interrupted and obstructed a plan that was already schemed within the People’s Progressive Party.”

Ramkarran said that the scheme is designed for one or a few individuals to unilaterally decide who the party’s presidential candidate should be.

Ramkarran made these comments in recent column, on line and in the Stabroek News paper

Charles Ramson recently went public announcing that he would like to be the PPP’s presidential candidate for the next general elections, but he is not an insider.

Former President and Opposition Leader Bharat Jagdeo, rebuked the Junior Ramson, claiming that Ramson deviated from party principles.

Mr. Jagdeo seems to be losing both public and party support ever since the Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that no Guyanese can be president for more than two terms.

The perceived front runners for the PPP’s presidential candidate are Irfaan Ali, Frank Anthony and Anil Nandlall,

However, in some online chats, there have been musings among some PPP supporters that a Frank Anthony/ Carolyn Birkett-Rodrigues ticket, might be a winning combination.

Ramkarran noted in his column that the PPP is good at allowing for fake campaigns. He said that he,
Clement Rohee and Gail Teixeira, did all at one time, participate in that fake internal campaigning.

At this moment, it seems that Jadgeo remains the undisputed PPP king maker

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