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Ramotar Takes Kaieteur News To Court Over Libelous Oil Story

Kaieteur news is suggesting that former President Donald Ramotar is trying to muzzle the newspaper by employing
“a tool used by people wishing to silence the media in the face of disclosures.” According to the newspaper, Former President Donald Ramotar has moved to the courts against the Company, it’s Publisher Glenn Lall, and the Editor-in-Chief, Adam Harris.

Kaieteur news published advertisements via print and electronic mediums over the award of some oil blocks handed out during Ramotar’s presidency. Kaieteur news claimed that the awarded companies have no known experience in oil exploration in deep water.

They also aired some BBC reports that highlighted corrupt practice in Senegal, where President, Macky Sall and his brother took kickbacks and gifted out oil blocks, similar to what happened in Guyana.

Ramotar said that the news outfit publications have caused him “Public humiliation, ridicule, anguish, pain, and suffering. The former president said that the acts of the company have also caused his reputation to be ‘immeasurably damaged”.

Ramotar is asking the court to award him 10 million dollars in damages plus interests on any amounts awarded to him.

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