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Regional Chairman Recognises Ten Women As Part Of Region’s Efforts In Honouring Women

Regional Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Region Four, Genevieve Allen as honoured ten women from the region which she said is part of her efforts in honouring stalwarts and prominent women within the region. She dubbed the ten women as women of purpose’ reminding them that they are all unique and dynamic in their own way. She further urged them to continue being a light of motivation, hope and faith for many in their respective fields.

“This is just a token from me to you saying thank you very much for all that you have and still continues to do and to encouraged you to continue your efforts as it is through the various contributions being made by you that has helped in boosting and enhancing this region,” the Regional Chairman told the honourees.

She told those gathered that the contributions made by the ten women are enormous, significant and goes beyond the call of duty, adding that she firmly believes that recognising persons when they are alive would positively boost the moral of them and those that emulate them. “We shouldn’t wait by until these champion women are dead before recognising their contributions, service and efforts in the region because what is the purpose of the award when they are dead,” she asked rhetorically.

Those receiving awards were; REDO acting Tiffany Favourite Harvey, Gillian Frank Youth and Sports, Nandi Kellman Accounts, Kaye Watson Personnel, Barbara Richards Education, Towanna Morrison REO Secretary, Esther Scott Registry, Ann Watson Registry, Allison Hoppie Education and Candacey Barker Registry

RC Allen said that while International day of Women is celebrated in March, she had deliberately c]hosen now to recognise these women as they have all made impeccable and sterling contributions to society and therefore she wanted to organise something that was significant enough.

“These are our champion women these are our heroes, these are our women of purpose that every girl and woman should emulate because they have served the region very well and more importantly the people of the region,” she stressed. She added, “There is a need to recognise these outstanding women and as Regional Chairman I am doing so today.

Meanwhile, Regional Vice Chairman Earl Lambert in hailing the contributions of the honourees told them that they are more than just a woman but role models to both women and men. He reminded them that it is because of their sterling, continuous and significant contributions that has propel them to be recognised and as such, they should continue their contributions while remaining humble.

“The very good thing here is that each of you have been doing so much, but has remained humble and steadfast in your contributions to society. We therefore join in congratulating you and to remind you that we are all grateful and thankful for your service,” he said.

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