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I asked a question a few weeks ago about the dating scene in Reno. I visited Reno the week of March 16, After spending a few days in the city, I could tell that Reno was not a "hot Reno sexy single women for single men and women. Also, there are very few Asians in the Reno area. If you see any, they will be customers in the casinos. Those who work in the casinos tend to be Filipinos. It's not a bad city. It is kind of quaint and can "grow on you". But downtown looks old. Some offices will include phone service or high speed internet at no extra cost.

So it is not a bad place to run a small business. I detected little or no racism during my travels in Reno. Just annoying panhandlers and beggars, even in otherwise nice areas, far outside of downtown. Walgreens pharmacy near Damonte Ranch.

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If you are an Asian guy moving to Reno, you might become a lonely sojourner. Stick with San Francisco or any place 60 miles from the Bay Area. You'll be happier. Reno is only 3. Crap, I will be moving to reno for my new job soon and I am asian. It sounds like you tried to hook up in Reno without success. Did you try the club?

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Where did you go? How long did you stay in Reno. How about the other ethnicity? Are they into Asian men?

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I'm telling it "Like it is". Check your messages. I have sent a private message to you. I have posted some of the same information so that it may be helpful to other Asian men. Have you visited Reno yet? I know you will be starting your new job next week in Reno. I ask if you have seen Reno because it is important for you to have an eyewitness experience with the place. A visit will give you a good idea of how the place looks and how the people feel and act.

About Reno white women since they'll be the majority you'll meet - There are many attractive women in Reno. But I would not consider the majority of them as "hot".

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Nothing wrong with them. They're not ugly or unattractive. But they look more "natural". Many women don't go out of their way to look really made up, dress really sexy, etc. If you have ever visited Northern California, you'll know what I'm talking about.

This is unlike the bigger cities on the East Coast where women do dress nicely, professionally, sexy, and all dolled up. I have no opinion about Asian girls in Reno since I met none. The Asian community is so small as to be non-existant. Are the Reno white girls into Asian dudes? That is a GOOD question. I don't know for sure. Don't know. If I really tried to hook up then I would find out. I'll tell you from personal experience what I found. I was in a coffee shop downtown. There was a cute blonde at a table in front of me. She was definitely checking me out.

She was part of a large group of people who were doing their own things.

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It would have been difficult to try and carry on a conversation with her. If I was in a better situation to make contact then I'm sure we would have talked. So at least one girl showed interest.

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I'm sure that in my time in Reno at least a few other women showed interest. I'm slow to notice these things. I know that I'm physically attractive because when I walk into a room with a large of women, at least 1 out of 4 will look at me. They will keep looking, even when I look back at them and smile. Of course, they usually smile in return. I don't know if you're a good looking guy or not.

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Unless you are totally ugly I think you might have a decent chance. What might help is how you approach a situation with a girl. Your attitude, friendliness, and just being nice to her might get you the best mileage. The ugly truth about being an Asian guy and dating in a mostly white community is that it will be difficult.

Much more difficult than if you are white. If you have lots of Asian girls to choose from, then at least you can date somebody. But Reno is overwhelmingly white. If white girls fail to show interest in you, it may NOT be because of racism. It will be because they are not as open to the idea of being with an Asian guy. It's not a place where people in general can come into contact with Asians and see them as normal people.

White Americans still see us as the "model minority". Its as if we don't have the same problems, hopes and dreams.

Reno sexy single women

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