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Roger Khan Set To Return Home

Kaieteur news is reporting that According to the US Bureau of Prisons, the infamous Roger Shaheed Khan, will be released from prison this time next week. His release date is listed as July 8, 2019.

The local US embassy is said to be cooperating with the Guyanese authorities to allow for a seamless transition of Khan back home.

Khan is serving time in a US prison in Florida for crimes he committed or had committed in US territories. He was sentenced to 40 years’ imprisonment on three separate charges. However, he has never been charged or tried in Guyana for any crimes. It was widely speculated the Khan received some measure of protection under the PPP/C Government.

Khan is believed to have been intimately involved with the feared Phantom Squad. A group of mostly males that was known for a series of brutal killings, during a period President David Granger calls, the dark days.

In an interview with channel 2 headline news in February 2018, former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds suggested that Khan’s killing squad was a direct response to another group that was involved in robbing and killing PPP supporters and working to destabilize the PPP government.

Hinds told me that the PPP suspected that Khan was a drug dealer but they had no concrete information

The former president said that while the PPP/C government had their suspicions about Roger Khan, they did not have enough evidence to arrest him

Hinds, who also served as a transitional President of Guyana said in that interview, that if the whole truth about Roger was to be told, it is possible that both the PNC and the PPP would be found culpable.

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