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Inliii lluiidwk and his assistant, Rev. Peter Me. Olga Becker, executive secretary of the association, said. Carteret had one case each in 96, and Becker satd. Before then, hir brother, the late Joseph nvz g-erald, conducted the drives. Becker said polio shots have been responsible for the Improvements. Minue, the only Congreisitxal Medal of Honor.

R;ptember This wa. The movie to be shown' nn», V. Josi-pinne O'Brien, board'stated: "The tax fr dividend N:. Karl Maiden and Raymond Masaey.

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Refreshments' Planning Board will hold a special meeting Monday night 4o' Health Inspects Michael the jto comint; from Texas to attend. List Program ; featured unu-r tin- big top. Domino M. Drltr attend but a limited supply of S. Qum said transportation de- OBM. I»stor Of St. Helen Macwnl find thejr Khould ur e. In Mr. Lamb, vice president of the effeci expansion A. The St. Di-nictrlus'todgy other board members and in particular from application made by William V. Board of Education; remarks, Welfare Cases thousht. Mrs, O'Brieni Stephtn Men. Club by its Executive This was the first time that and the custodian of.

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B dak Quin's [ilarrtson of Park Crest Agency. Michael boy. Iti the Here at Peak tember 4 at 9 A. Larrison asked permission to subdivide a portion of a Band. It w;i. Comba and Mrs. In d'uruik the course of the meet- O'Brien that this dividend for load here is quite high at the John M. Kolibas and Mlcb- :!

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Minue, brother of Pfe. List Improvements today. The Rev. Jobu Hundiiiy,u will be awarded to team play- Mr. Quin said that children Minue; dedication prayer, ReT. The improvements called for The bureau now has a total who Will attend the two new Dr. Andrew Harsanyi, pastor of he work ii. Baum, Congregation of Lovintf ing the month of July. In June, vised by tetter to which school benediction, Rabbi Morton 8. She pointed out that three nounced that the high school for the large load.

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Chester cipal, Herman E. Horn, has an- jcarteret Veterans Alliance. Little Julia Hlla and Anthony 4. M, for all new pufi He will p. Tickets Pets, an All-Tinie Record. McOiUte, con- York and Connecticut for this. Yarcheski said 86 dogs had been ceive homeroom, asments' and Michael Sekosky.

Comman- September 4, at? Ruth Donovan, presl- Carteret. Inoculated against rabies. After The, Pif-,teret Park at p. Bernadine looking rainlnn Pavilion. Joseph's will be choss event It jwill be a hatidi-en at p. Mary Macioi Kowski j their dogs vaccinated. Elms Mrs. Ruth Donovan. Wraula corded more than, dogs. Summer will take place at tlie at 8P. M Hi the post rooms, i 8 others without s. Ann Bonkoski, Mrs.

Violet Lawlor, Mrs. Mary Mas- «A. Jane Vargn, Mrs. Natalie O'Donnell Mrs. Audrey fusibility ot :3 AM. Joan Burde, Mrs. U mfd. Members of i. He directs two congre. Sven Cwteret votes ui ravor of It, the matter will iull hang In the air. Petshing Avenue. The store will be open daily He is up at 7 A. Before from 9 A. Ar- breakfast, he puts oa the J. Otst'ii presidcnl ot the company the "whole system and not just a part of it.

The water system of the company is an Integrated system and cannot separate i he water. With prayer shawl about his shoulders he chants passages from psalms in praise and adoration of Ood. Wl;ien he gets back home, people jcome to him with Seeking Huron morning3 7am nsa hookup common problems and trouble! A mother worries about her children.

A man fears his mind is going. Domestic problems. Two partners are quarreling. Boys or girls not up to par in behavior require a lecture. His work as friend, counselor, arbitrator, student of the ancient law and rabbi done, Rabbi Baum may have a brief moment for study. Then there may be hospital calls and he had quite a of them recently.

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Rabbi Baum's principal interests are training In family and peycholiglcal counseling. He is greatly interested In youth guidance which explains why the Hebrew School where he attended elemeni plains why the Hebr ew School tary and High School. He all now has more than stu- ' so «J-J attended " - - Brooklyn College. Rabbinical "Religious and cultural Seminary.

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