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Several Senior Citizens To Benefit From Palms Upgrade

Residents of the Palms Geriatric Institution are much more comfortable as a result of the completion of the refurbishing of a section of the building housing those elderly persons, and the complementing work being done to raise the standard of care offered at the home.
The Palms has eight wards that cater for over two hundred residents.

The Institution is currently benefiting from major capital projects to enhance its infrastructure. Among those projects are the: The construction and operationalization of an infirmary, installation of lifts to help in the movement of seniors from the ground floor to their respective wards and the installation of solar panels which will serve to benefit a hot and cold water system for the residents along with the complete refurbishing of the wards housing the residents.
The institution is expected to be maintained in keeping with the Government’s Minimum Standard Regulations for Geriatric Facilities.

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