Sex Dating Alice

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What were you hoping for? To meet the love of my life. But on a more realistic level, a free meal with someone tall, kind and nice, who could use chopsticks. First impressions? Tall, friendly face, maybe a little awkward possibly just nerves. What did you talk about?

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Blind dates, how competitive we both were, our different levels of hatred of London, and our mutual appreciation that neither of us was vegan. Any awkward moments?

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Me stepping on him when getting to my seat. Him flinging his chopsticks on to the floor a second time. Good table manners? It quickly descended into chaos. I ate with my hands but he had chopsticks flying everywhere, so I think we were even. Best thing about Tom? His enthusiasm about trying the weirder things on the menu kid goat momos and rabbit wontonand his appreciation of Wetherspoons.

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Would you introduce him to your friends? Yeah, he seems easy enough to get along with. What do you think he made of you?

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Awkward and talked too much. Did you go on somewhere? If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be? Marks out of 10? Where 1 is being on a date with an actual rock, and 10 is leaving your knickers at a house party: 7.

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Would you meet again? Attractive and much, much cooler than me. Trashy TV shows, who should get the last chicken momo, and what not to mention in these answers. I dropped the chopsticks on the floor… twice. Made much more embarrassing by the fact I showed off with them earlier.

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Best thing about Alice? She was very comfortable taking the lead, which made up for my inability to make decisions. Describe Alice in three words Intelligent, confident, refreshing. What do you think she made of you? Yes, an incredibly classy establishment that certainly does not have a reputation for cheap drinks and rhymes with Breene King.

As romantic as tube station lighting can be, we did not. I wish I had read up on chopstick etiquette. Fancy a blind date? blind. Blind date Dating. Alice, 26, social researcher, meets Tom, 25, operations consultant. Tom and Alice: who had chopsticks flying everywhere? Sat 22 Jun Alice on Tom What were you hoping for? Describe Tom in three words Poor chopstick game. Tom on Alice What were you hoping for? A fun and memorable evening. Would you introduce her to your friends?. Topics Dating Blind date Relationships features.

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Sex Dating Alice

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Blind date: ‘It quickly descended into chaos’