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Sex Video Suspect Death Deemed As Homicide

In what is turning out to be a deadly twist, what many thoughts were a possible suicide, is now being investigated as a homicide after one of the suspects in the sex video with a young girl had sparked outraged.

The story is reviving many on social media discussions on rape and consensual sex.

One of the suspects, 41-year-old Sherwin Apple was found dead yesterday morning on the Kitty foreshore, some were saying that it was suicide. But after an autopsy was conducted on the dead’s body it was confirmed that Apple’s death was caused by asphyxiation leading to drowning with compression to the neck.
Investigators have launched an investigation into the crime.

Meanwhile, investigators in Linden are still questioning the other man who was also involved in the sex video with the young woman.

In yet another twist, the young woman in the recording is denying that she was the one in the video. It is unclear how the police plan to peruse the matter if the young woman is not willing to testify.

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