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Shooting in Linden leaves ‘Spoil Child’ critical; girlfriend dead

Dead: Colissa Hunte

A shooting in Amelia’s Ward, Linden has left a 27-year-old woman of Rainbow City, Linden dead and her alleged gang leader boyfriend wounded. It is suspected that her boyfriend, Teon “Spoil Child” Allen was the intended target. The dead woman has been identified as Colissa Hunte. According to police, at around 13:30 hrs. Allen and Hunte were in a house at Amelia’s Ward when someone began shooting at the house. He was shot in the back while Hunte was fatally shot. Allen is currently at the McKenzie Hospital being treated for gunshot injuries.

This is not the first attempt on the former policeman’s life. The suspected gang leader faced charges for shooting at a police officer and was last October charged for the attempted murder of Tiffany McDeth and Denise Grant.


Injured: Teon “Spoil Child” Allen

More recently he was arrested and charged by the courts after he attempted to drive away from a Police roadblock. He has implicated in a series of other crimes and has multiple cases before the Courts.

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