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Snow: I Am No Fraudster!


Anthony Snow is being accused of fraud. In an interview with Esther Sobers, the local businessman insisted that He is no fraudster. Here's more...

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Friday, 28 June 2019

Businessman and Human resource manager of the job fair, Anthony Snow broke his silence against a facebook page called Guyana Fraud Alert, which accuses him of land fraud and other fraudulent acts.

The businessman admits that he has had a few questionable business ventures and was incarcerated, but he maintains that he was never involved in fraud.

The 51 Acres of land which is located at land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, is solely owned by his father George Correia, a political activist who resides overseas.

Snow says that his father gave him the General Power Attorney, over the lands.
Despite his past, Snow stressed that he is only trying to help person which acquire affordable housing

Mr Snow provided his land transport and other documentation for the land and requested that persons can conduct their own investigations into the housing scheme.

The businessman is seeking police intervention into cybercrimes, as the reported fake facebook is harming his business and bringing distress to his family.

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