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Stabroek Market Jewelery Store Robbed

The owners of Seepersaud Maraj and Sons are counting their losses after

One of the oldest jewelry shops in Georgetown has been robbed for the first time in its existence. An unknown number of persons broke into L. Seepaersaud Maraj and Sons in Stabroek Market carting off several pieces of jewelry. Sometime between last night and this morning, the men entered the market and used blow torches and other tools to cut through the shops grills and safe. There is no evidence of forced entry into the market itself. However, the shops alarm had been tampered with. One City Constable claims that crime must have been committed after 4 this morning as he did not see anything amiss during his daily inspection of the market. A nearby stall owner was the first to discover the scene shortly before 7am. According to the owners, many items were stolen but it is too early to give an accurate assessment. Nonetheless, based on the nature of the business it is presumed that losses have reached into the millions. When the newscast came to the scene, detectives were dusting for fingerprints and looking for other pieces of evidence. Police were able to recover a jersey and a blowtorch, which they believe was the same one used to break into the safe. Police are currently combing through CCTV footage from nearby shops. No suspects have been identified as of yet. Nevertheless, An investigation is in progress.

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