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Student Of Josel Institute Makes It The Top 10 NGSA

Elated, enthusiastic and proud are some of the sentiments Malene Crandon expressed. Crandon is a student of Josel Institute who attained 528 marks which helped her to garner the top ten spot at the National Grade Six assessment exams. The outstanding student attributes her success to her teachers, God and family.

Crandon who has been attending the private institution from the nursery level was stun when she first heard the news of her performance.
Though Crandon is yet to decide what she wants to become she, however, shared these thoughtful sentiments for other students who may not have performed exceedingly well in the grade six assessment.

This year’s top performer was Dave Chowtie a student of Graham’s hall, Venisha Lall of CV Nunes Primary, who has attained 532 marks out of 536 marks. Two students secured the same amount of marks to make the top 3 spots, they were Sarita Somai of Success Elementary and Ajala Maharaj of Marian Academy.

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