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Superstar Eddy Grant Touts Benefits Of Entrepreneurship To Na Youths

Addressing close to one hundred students at the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School in New Amsterdam, Berbice on Wednesday last, Guyanese international singing superstar, Eddy Grant encouraged them to focus on their education and to perform to their best.

Eddy Grant told the Berbice youths that “A man or a woman can make a living from 500 mango trees, because that’s a farm,” emphasizing that Guyana has the necessary resources and opportunities which can contribute to them becoming an entrepreneur for their country.

Referring to the country’s resources, the 70-year-old icon mentioned that “Guyana has lots of lands and some of you can farm and provide for others,” while adding that “everyone cannot become a doctor or a lawyer…you need to know what you love, set a goal, pursue it and enjoy doing it; then you will have a wonderful life”.

Also, recalling his journey before becoming a celebrity, the former Plaisance resident said that he always wanted to become an independent entrepreneur and as a young man always dreamt of becoming like other stars he saw on television.

“You just have to work towards what you want to become, make your time here worth spending,” the much sought-after singer reiterated.

Grant, during his conversation with the pupils, stressed the importance of making positive decisions. He explained that they should take time to analyze situations, know when to say yes or no, and always make wise choices.

“The most successful people in life know when to say yes and when to say no. As you say yes, you are committed to doing something; let that something be positive. If you decide to go the wrong way, life will be very hard,” Grant said.

The students were encouraged by the Electric Avenue singer, to “share the love” wherever they go and to promote unity among their family and friends. “…besides the subjects that you study daily, this is something we all should remember, it will take you a far way,” Grant stressed.

Prior to him visiting the learning institution, the Guyanese celebrity along with his team paid a courtesy call to the Berbice Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken and the Mayor of New Amsterdam, Winifred Heywood.

Eddy Grant, a son of Guyana’s soil, migrated to the United Kingdom in 1960 with his family. There Grant found his true purpose and worked to develop a singing career that is second to none. Today Grant, a songwriter, musician and vocalist are popularly known for his anti-apartheid single Gimme Hope Jo’anna.

Story and Images: Kellon Rover.

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