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Supply Attempted Robbery Suspects Charged

Last Tuesday, six men were caught in a police roadblock on the East Bank Demerara after an alleged foiled robbery attempt. Today, Mark Prince, Nabadingi Gobin, Leonard Khan, Edward Skeete, Marvin Blackman, and Steve Hercules were arraigned at the Providence Magistrate’s Court. Only Hercules was charged with fraudulent conversion of a vehicle’s identification mark. Hercules pleaded not guilty to the charge. The other five men were charged with conspiracy. They all plead not guilty.

They were also slapped with multiple gun charges. Five of the men plead not guilty while the sixth, Hercules pleaded guilty. The men were also charged for an attempted robbery. However, the complainant was not present in court and as such, the matter was not heard. Bail was rejected on the grounds that the men were known characters who had pending matters in the courts. The five other men were remanded to prison until May 10, 2018.

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