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Trevor Benn: “Come Forward With Evidence To Implicate Me”

Trevor Benn who is the Chief Executive Officer and Commissioner of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission said that he was not personally involved in any corrupt land transactions. He said that the police will be called in to identify the person or persons who provided opposition leader Baharat Jagdeo with the maps of the distributed lands.

Benn said the maps were not bought and so they were most likely stolen from the lands and surveys office. Yesterday at his press conference, Jagdeo displayed all the alleged stolen maps on a wall.
Despite the land allotments as described by the maps, Benn denied that large swathes of land were handed out to persons associated with his Granger administration.

Benn said he “had nothing to do” with some of the disputed allocations and that others came into existence before his time as head of the organization

The Lands and Survey head said that these accusations of illegality in land distribution, by Jagdeo, are politically motivated and that it is pulling the names of good people in the mud for political gain,”

Seeming to refer directly to Jagdeo, the commissioner said that “The individual who spoke yesterday has thousands of acres.”
Benn added that “Some of our staff are known to be in collusion with very powerful forces who want to take control of our lands.” And that he will deal with them condignly.

Benn did not say if there was corruption going on at his agency, saying only “I, therefore, challenge anyone to come forward with evidence that will implicate me in any corruption…I can speak for me,” he said.

The former President and opposition leader have often told the press, that he has contacts in several of the ministries and has asked them to record all the illegal activities obtaining that their ministries.

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