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Two bodies recovered from Berbice River boat collision

Wednesday morning, police recovered the bodies of two of the four men who went missing after being involved in a fatal boat collision last evening on the Berbice River.

At about 09:00h, a search party located the bodies of 24-year-old Romario Denheart of 41 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice, and 50-year-old Julian Mc Kenzie of Sandhills, Upper Berbice River. Godfrey Lindy and 55-year-old Freeman Denhart remain missing.

According to reports, the four were returning to Sand Hill at around 7pm when a larger boat collided into them. Villagers who rushed to the scene on Tuesday night reported that the boat was broken into pieces and the occupants disappeared under the water.

The captain of the second boat, 39-year-old fisherman Marvin Kissoon of Sheet Anchor Village, East Canje Berbice claimed that he made all efforts to avoid the oncoming boat. Nevertheless, Kissoon and the four occupants of his boat fled the scene after realizing the occupants of the smaller boat did not surface.

However, the investigation took a turn after Kissoon was interrogated by the police. Following what was told to investigators, yesterday police went to Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice, and arrested three of the four other occupants who were in Kissoon’s boat. They were found in possession of 36.96 kilograms of suspected cannabis. The fourth occupant who resides at Palmyra Village, Corentyne, Berbice is being sought by police.

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